The Cider Editorial issue 6

Welcome fellow Ciderheads and followers of our great Red Cider Bus to the last  Three Lions and a Robin of the season.

Welcome fellow Ciderheads and followers of our great Red Cider Bus to the last Three Lions and a Robin of the season.

Come what May on the 4th this has been a superb season and any who really think different should have a little trawl through their grey stuff and think this time last year Wurzels everywhere were fretting over Rotherham. Trawl through the cider daze further and lurking there are psychological scars like a jaunt to the Liberty [you don't have any!!] Stadium or something to bring on night traumas the Millennium stadium v Brighton!

Mission was accomplished pretty much by January and City's feat of being relegated after one season was not to be repeated. Strange thoughts soon started to creep like what "if" and a word beginning with P as Bristol City took up residence permanently in their highest position for over twenty five years.

The last ten games have been like having an argument with a mirror. On Wurzels one hand  dancing like little girls as City a mere 40-1 shot for the championship toyed with automatic promotion v the realisation automatic promotion was blown by one win in ten.

What should have been a celebratory mood of enjoying and marvelling at a amazing achievement of wherever City finished up was tempered by some bloody awful football stretching back to early March.

City "perhaps" could have strengthened the squad further but this is no given guarantee of success and a look at West Broms 3.5 million signing of Luke Moore [five games, no goals, one sending off] or Alan Pardews apology to Charlton fans based on his loan signings underlines this point. Few could have expected the wheels to come off quite so dramatically and Adebolas return of six goals has not been too scruffy. Time to savour the play offs as few rational fans could have believed it could have been a reality on August 11th.

Improvement was truly sighted v the Blades. The midfield of Noble, Elliott, Carle and McCindoe finally got back to simple passing to feet instead of the weeks of what should be alien lamping it long at Deles ead. The clouds have been pushed back a bit, Johnson will be back although Brooker and fit for five or six hours of football is still out of reach. There's life and City can go into the play offs with a real chance of Wembley and that seemingly impossible dream just ninety minutes away.

For all of this it  a certain Mr G Johnson should be thanked. Thank Christ he is no Boothroyd sending out teams of dull robots smashing the ball into the atmosphere. If it does go badly here and at Vicarage road lets hope Watford a club Johnson has an affinity for are allowed nowhere near our manager and told very clearly to do one.

Come what May its been quite a season and next will see with Johnson at  the helm again something we could have only dreamt off when losing to Chesterfiled 4-2 at home not so very long ago.

Thanks once again to the patrons of the ever fanatical and supportive Three Lions West  Street for coming up with 200 for a few more flags for the East End. Now there are St Georges and White Ensigns honouring the Dutch fellas WILLEM II and bearing the legend WURZEL CITY FC and WHEN THE MOON SHINES ready to add just a little bit identity to our Cow Shed on match day.

Thanks to all who contributed to this and previous fanzines and even those who promised to in the haze of a drunken hour and then forgot what they were going to write about.

Three Lions and a Robin was part of a pledge by East Enders to BCFC to actively promote the East End via fans. As it was what we campaigned for a East End where fans could pay on the day has not  been delivered by BCFC  as we believed it would be.
The quest to make BCFC a more vibrant, fun, accessible and affordable club via the East End should continue. The fanzine unless others step in has now run its course. A huge effort by fans has been put into turning round what looked to be a hopeless task last August. V Scunthorpe BCFC allowed less than 250 fans into our end and it could have crushed what supporters wanted to create. Fans have spent a lot of time and money allied to their enthusiasm to fashion support other clubs fans admire.

City fans now have a real foothold back in their traditional end and hopefully those entering next season will appreciate the efforts of others and  realise its not a stand just to spectate. The East End was meant to be a stand where fans attempt to affect the team with a constant barrage of noise not the opposite way round. Any who bought season tickets solely to save money and not truly take part are letting the team and their fellow fans down.

The goal next season should be seeing the East End/ Forza East End pushing far past anything seen this season and attempting to have the noisiest, most colourful support anywhere. It can be done me Babbers and beats burning candles , so  Believe err no actually how about ? "JOHNSON SAYS GET BEHIND THE TEAM!

Legal Disclaimer type thing:
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