Welcome fellow Cider heads to 3 Lions and a Robin 4
November brought no little news in the form of a possible ground move. This does not need to happen but if BCFC decide it is feasible and planning can be gained let it be with the consent of the fan base. Fans need to be consulted and listened to with more than a cursory "your comments are noted!
      If home moves lets see nods to our history  with stands named after those who are significant, great acoustics and ascetics winning over basic finance. Too many clubs have move away from the support to dull uniform flat packs which will never be loved by the fans. Too many clubs have built stadiums to seat as many as possible on the smallest foot print and ended up with mediocre grounds which are half empty.
     If BCFC have to sacrifice some space in the name of architectural individuality, form and building a ground that will help create atmosphere do it. Please let the new Ashton Gate be different. We do not want another boring lego castle or retail park to watch our football in just off a ring road! We need a triumph here to take BCFC forward all as one.

After an insipid display v Charlton the wheels and undercarriage fell off the Cider bus v Ipswich.  Blackpool, Wednesday, Coventry & Norwich all could have been lost early doors but running into a on fire Ipswich saw City capitulate by half time.
    Leicester at home saw heads dropping as soon as City went a goal down, midfield over powered and virtually nothing up top again. All the resolve which saw City close out games looking fitter than opponents disappeared with the teams confidence.
    When all around are losing their heads fearing City will never score again and calling for Lee Johnson to be hung from the suspension bridge the manager unveiled the big Show. Determined nil niler at Hull followed up with result of the season so far at "Entertaining" Watford and  a superb  win v Ipswich where Carey, Elliot, Showumni coming over the Hill and Basso excelled down the spine of the team.
    Cue the cliche but Showumni has been like a new signing, working like a man who may have feared he was off to come over hills and even gave Mr. Shittu a bit of a battering at "Interesting" Watford. For those of us who thought Showumni could never do that type of thing, was not a player to never stop chasing or closing down and had bugger all chance of keeping Byfield and Trundle out its been a education. Hats off to the bloke and there can't be any fan now who would predicting Showumni to be Shittu [excuse the pun].........
   After the Leicester game the manager made a comment regarding the atmosphere which was more than justified. It was very poor and sometimes fans have to do more to inspire/rouse/bollock players and the ref. Irony is that the East End constantly gets behind the team and you can't get in even if the club have your personal details and the rules for this stand are utterly different to the rest of the ground. Turn up with a passport and the Holy Wurzel Bishop of Bristol you could still not get in the East End. It must be really mad and drunk in there! Time for both Supporters groups to state "look this is bloody ridiculous its 70% empty and there is no logical reason why you can't get more in there!

Next edition of Edition of 3 Lions and a Robin will be mid February and anybody can contribute simply by contacting us via Ziderheads & WTMS



Next edition of Edition of 3 Lions and a Robin will be mid February and anybody can contribute simply by contacting us via Ziderheads  http://www.ziderheads.co.uk/ch/  or  lionsfanzine@hotmail.co.uk

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