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Welcome once again Cider heads to Three Lions and a Robin Issue 7

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Ahh the football is back at last, time to stop rolling in the clover and knocking they milk churns over, from up north in frozen Gloucester to the deep south of Chard, Wurzels are converging on BS3 because we are back in the Eastend, all 1200 of us. Bout time too.

Last season was a trial run in terms of success on the pitch, we had a good go, but tiz early days in our reign over the rest of the West Country. Its probably for the best we didn't go up last year - who wants all they smarmy London folk and know all media types laughing at the likes of Nick Carle making an arse of himself week in week out on national TV? Not me.

Anyways we gotta move on and bare no grudges against the teams that got promoted automatically and won the playoffs with a flukey goal scored by fat toothless has-been, no we got no bitterness here, good luck West Brom, good luckÖ

On a lighter note let's have a good laugh at the blue few again, their latest episode of their nomadic existence has us in stitches. Rumour has that their plans for the redevelopment of the Rugby Club's ground were not actually affected by the credit crunch at all, or even by their chairman, Mr Dungford's inability to listen to Sarah (tits) Beeny's advice about replacing that temporary stand behind the goal with a modern terrace, no actually Dungford was hankering after a bit of relocation relocation action with Kirsty (bigger tits) Allsop at Cheltenham's ground on a permanent basis, as his only chance of raising the cash for the redevelopment was to turn into canoe man and "disappear" off Weston beach. Anyways Cheltenham got wind of this and the blue few's chances of moving went down hill faster than one of them cheeses that thems always rolling up there.

This season we got to give it to ems from the Eastend, no half arsed cheers or lame songs heard in ipswich, what we needs is a full 90 minutes of wurzel roar, lets frighten them away teams to death. Last season was a trail run,

This time itís for real