One for the Bristol city 2007
Issue 3
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On the pitch it feels like we really have been on the cider as City have enjoyed their best start since fuck knows BC. Captain Carey has led by example, a resurgent Fontaine could be keeping McCombe out for sometime, McCallister has for some reason been off his game which is a suprise as was expected the step up would be handled due to his experience. Then there is Mr Orr! You would not place your life on Bradley being able to pass the ball from one side of the road but the endeevour this man shows is simply marvellous. Across the middle Elliott already is showing that he could surpass the efforts of one Tommy Doherty and the great Gary Shelton, this bloke really does do box to box! Johnson is struggling, 5/10 ! He is really is suffering from the good hes bad he gets picked by his Dad. His game has been littered by mistakes but there is competition in the shape of Skuse and Noble who should push him hard waiting in the wings. It could be a case of playing two defensive midfield players due to having two wingers. McCindoe adds balance, pace, workrate and is more than useful at delivering quality from the set plays and likely to produce a lot more yet. Wilson gives the team commitment and shape. Sproule, utterly convinced this bloke is a winger who ends up front sometimes but needs to learn to time runs, one run a game would be nice before we nickname him Ivan Offside. Something that fast should not be offside so often, this is not normal Ivan! Curving runs would not be a problem on the right flank, maybe the fastest player seen at Ashton Gate since Dave Smith and that would scare the living Granny out any full back having to look over his shoulder. Murray's work rate still impress's but could now be an impact player while still carrying a real threat with his abilty to finish. Trundle 5/10 City need to find his feet more regularly and he needs to hold the bloody ball up bringing players into the game more regularly, odd moment of brilliance, add assists but more should be expected when he gets someone to play alongside. The alongside will hopefully materialise in the shape of  Byfield who will compete in the air, be able to use his pace and hold the ball up. Of course there is Brooker but Brooker and fit in the same sentence has a strange feeling. Lastly Basso. Sometimes it looks like the Samba has got to him but he is on top of his game, stops near enough anything and City would have undoubtedly lost games like the one v West Brom without him and his understudys ain't bad either. The short of it all is City are doing better than we could have ever dreamt. C'mon me Babbers

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