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Welcome folks to the 2nd edition of Three lions and a Robin fanzine. What could turn out to be a very hard season if the bookies are to be believed is nearly upon us.

Quite simply when the likes of Charlton are selling players like Bent for sixteen million and a player like Chopra goes for five million this should leave even the most blockheaded optimist amongst City support a Clear idea of the task ahead.

In Trundle, Sproule and Mcindoe Gary Johnson has made a
clear statement of intent, City are going to attack rather than batten down the hatches and bore all Osman style. True City look light in the goal stakes but Murray/McIndoe/Sproule down the flanks should create enough to keep City out of trouble early on. Looking at the run in of murderous games Cardiff [A], Norwhich [H], Southampton [A], Wolves [H], Stoke [A], Sheffield U [A] and Preston [H] the ka ka will really be hitting the fan if City are still anywhere near the bottom three. City are clearly going to play the right way under Johnson passing with width but also excitement not seen since 89-90.

The East End season ticket take up has been poor but not disastrous when taking in consideration the anomalies in the pricing and the non existent under sixteen's season ticket. The most meaningful thing is that we will still have hundreds of vocal all singing all dancing Wurzels together in one part of the stadium. The important word here is vocal, everyone entering the East End should be there not as a passive observer but to take part. Those in the East End can promote our club by the simple spectacle of getting behind the players for ninety minutes but also having a laugh while we are at it. By constantly supporting the players we may be able to revive the odd flagging mind Or influence a decision v the heathen Welsh or the terrible evil spectre of Holloway's Gargoyle.
So here again is a collection of random articles but also interviews with fans of Bristol City.

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..in short, it 's somebody else's fault  really.            

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