Alright me babbers?

Welcome to the latest edition of three lions and a robin, issue 10. WARNING ! This rubbish WILL contain profane humour and childish ranting.

We've seen a lot of changes down the gate since the last edition. The crafty cockney Gary Johnson has thrown his hand grenade for the last time here in the West Country and thus a new chapter begins as Keith Millen steps up into the breach. Ok, Perhaps this chapter might not be much longer than a few words scribbled on the back of a fag packet. But who cares, give it all you've got Keith.

Anyway before we move on lets spend a few moments to look back at a few of Gary Johnson's proudest moments here In Bristol. Who can forget his indecent exposure charge after his insistence on getting his arse out at the drop of a hat? Or the wave of inflatable arses proudly on display in the Atyeo, in his honour? Mind you most of them were there before he came, strangely.

What about his on pitch victories? Runners up in the third division title race? Second division play off losing finalists? Happy times. Remember the victorious return of city fan Marcus Stewart? The 2 million bargain buy from Swansea, Lee sharpshooting Trundle? Perhaps only shadowed by the immense goal scoring sensation that is Patrick Agyeyegagagayman. Famous victories include Cardiff's 6-0 and Doncaster's 5.-2, both at Ashton gate.

Three lions and a robin thank Gary Johnson for leaving us in a better condition than he found us.

Anyway back to the present, what laffs we had at Peterborough on a real terrace. Proper job. 90 minutes of noise and some dirty sod with bad guts letting rip with four bog-busting farts. The noise of which made grandma badge hat's dentures rattle in the seating section. Such was the fun even the stewards decided to join in with a bit of terrace jumping up and down.

Talking of which what about the spectacular return of Tom Thumb? Stick your bounce arounds where the sun don't shine - this is the real deal.

The new ground is almost upon us, we can't wait for the immense all seater experience about to be bestowed unto us, we thank thee Lord Lansdown for listening to us and giving us a brand new bowl which we didn't ask for, no more standing up, no more eastend. No more atmosphere.

While we are in a thanking mood , why don't you thank off, you motherthankers.

Legal Disclaimer type thing:

These pages are not endorsed or connected in any way with Bristol City Football Club. Bristol City FC does not contribute in any way to these pages. The views expressed in these pages are for personal purposes only and in no way reflect the views and opinions of Bristol City FC Those responsible for putting all this puerile  nonsense together  really do NOT gain financially [ quite the bloody opposite actually!]. Please note the views and the little humour expressed here may not be that of the West Street pub dwelling Editor either.


Issue 10